My Goal: Visual Impact

I have found a passion in creating beautiful bulletin boards and door decs, as I find the "wow" factor gives me such joy. I surprise myself, as seeing the final result excites me as my sketches can't compare. Bulletin boards and "door decs" (door decorations) are one of my favorite parts of the job, as it helps me create a beautiful community that I am proud to call home. I want all of my boards and door decs to be visually impactful, striking interest and intrigue in my residents and any floor visitors, leaving them with a good impression of my work, and our building.

Black History Month 2021

This board combines well-known and almost forgotten faces, hand-cut to create a visually striking board designed to inspire and educate residents on Black history and activism. The board features (left to right) Bayard Rustin, Claudette Colvin, Angela Davis, and Kamala Harris (names are on the board as well). To the left of the board is a brief description of the importance of recognizing Black history, underneath is a quote from each person, and to the right is biographical information.
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